OilStix Technology offers a lifetime warranty for the OilStix Ultra Line of batteries.

Local Return - Batteries

You can bring your damaged OilStix battery or mouthpiece to a local Oilstix retailer along with your receipt. Please bring along the product and all accessories to a local dispensary. Unfortunately, we can't replace lost items free of charge.

Online Return - Batteries

If your battery arrives broken, you may be eligible to return your battery for a new one. Please keep in mind that if we no longer carry the returned product, or if it is out of stock, we reserve the right to send a similar product as a replacement.

Please fill out our online return form and send to the address listed on the page.


Please note that all sales are final for empty cartridges purchased online. 

Local Returns - Filled Cartridges

If you purchased a filled cartridge with cannabis oil at a dispensary and it leaks, please return it back to the retailer with your receipt.

Online Returns - Filled Cartridges

OilStix Technology is a provider of vaporizer equipment to be used with essential oils and herbal extracts. It is not a cannabis company. As such, we cannot/will not accept online returns of filled cartridges purchased from an OilStix retailer. We also do not accept any returns of pre-filled cartridges purchased online unless the item is in the original, unopened packaging.